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Креда Taom Pool

Cod : TPA

тегло: 0.02 кг

Марка: Taom

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30,64 лв. / бр.
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Понеделник - Събота



Price for one piece.
Light Blue Taom Chalk for pool.

Taom Light Blue Chalk is the new revolution of chalk industry. No more miscues, no more kicks or bad contacts, grips the spin more than any other. Does not mess the balls or the cloth. Lasts almost twice longer than any other product on the market. Handmade in Finland.

Comments given by this product:

“I’m so happy to announce that my sponsor Taom Tips have come out with the best chalk I have seen I have played a dozens of events now and I not had one skid or miscue. Also the chalk does not stick to the balls it will rub on your hand easy but not stick to balls it really is awesome.” —Jayson Shaw, World Number 1

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Ръкавица Rebell

Ръкавица Rebell

Вариант ръкавица:: Лява ръка

5,33 лв.
Креда за билярд Master

Креда за билярд Master

КОД: множествен

0,67 лв.
Ръкавица Rebell синя

Ръкавица Rebell синя

Вариант ръкавица:: Лява ръка, Дясна ръка

5,33 лв.
Ръкавица Rebell  кафява

Ръкавица Rebell кафява

Вариант ръкавица:: Лява ръка, Дясна ръка

5,33 лв.