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Професионален дартс Galaxy G3 Plus

Cod : G3-Plus

тегло: 108 кг

Марка: Arachnid 360

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11.083,94 лв. / бр.
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The Galaxy 3 (G3) is the latest model of electronic soft-tip dart machine from Arachnid 360 in the USA. Introduced in 2013, the G3 incorporates a double 13 & 15" target and has the option to connect to the Internet and remotely play casual games, leagues and/or virtual competitions.

We are also happy to introduce the new models of G3, the Galaxy PLUS and Galaxy FIRE!
Both models include a 24” colour monitor, enhanced cameras for remote play and an incorporated motor that will automatically spin the target from 13” to 15” and vicebersa.
These unique features together with the new flip games make for a incredible user experience!

The machine itself includes the following features:
- Online games on a worldwide server
- Connection via Wi-Fi or LAN cable
- 19" colour monitor
- Segments injected with fibreglass to guarantee a longer lifespan.
- LED lighting system on both sides and marquee. *(G3 FIRE model includes interior led strips so that the cabinet glows.)
- The G3 incorporates 2 colour cameras which allow online play in addition to the refereeing of online and virtual matches.
- System and machine updates are free for life.
- 2 targets in one! It has both a 15" and 13" board that players can easily change in a single gesture. This function offers you 2 targets in one as well as being able to offer leagues and events combining both sized boards.
- Ad load system that allows operators to send the machines images so that they are displayed on the machine's screen.
- 3 channel programmable coin mech.
- More than 70 different games with all their variations.
- Configurations: Customize the game rounds, prices, credits, and other options. It allows a unique flexibility for you to configure your machines to your market's needs.
- League mode: Allows you to manage your leagues remotely without the need for paper, calls or reports. Everything is updated automatically directly to your computer. It also allows you to create reports and diagnostics so you can evaluate the performance of your machines and predict new trends.

Our software:  League-Leader:
League-Leader is our machine management software for the Galaxy 3. This program allows it's user to connect their machines to the server, it allows the operator to control and supervise his machines, and most importantly allows the creation and management of automated leagues and promotions.

League-Leader is a web based program, so users can access it from any web device without the need for a software download or installation. This allows the user to comfortably check up and/or solve issues from wherever he may be.

The software also allows such neat features as being able to create and manage traditional, online and virtual leagues remotely. It also allows users to set up specific promotions, configure player Hot-Buttons, create online charts that run automatically, generate reports, check-up on their machines and much more.
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Професионален дартс Galaxy G3 Plus

Професионален дартс Galaxy G3 Plus

КОД: G3-Plus

11.083,94 лв.