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Робот Robo-Pong Newgy 2050

Cod : 420272

тегло: 8 кг

Марка: Donic

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° Always there for you: ° Your personal training partner. ° Now even more powerful and versatile With the Robo-Pong 2050 DONIC recommends a sophisticated digital table tennis training machine for every requirement. Digital control means accurate control over ball speed, interval and placement accuracy. In normal mode, the Robo-Pong 2050 provides easy manual control over all functions such as speed, spin, placement and ball interval. In practice mode, you can recall and practice the 64 stored exercises like the pros. The operation is conceivably simple by means of easy-to-understand menu navigation in many languages. In PC mode you create and save even your own exercises. The perfect partner for all levels of performance: The top player trains footwork and specific stamina through the versatile exercises. He improves the timing and pace of his punches. The junior player learns and refines all important basic strikes. He also improves legwork and stamina in no time. The beginner and hobby player learns ball feeling, coordination and the most important basic strokes. He can dose his varied endurance training himself and has a lot of fun with an adaptable opponent. Digital Controller 64 selected exercises adjustable for each level of play (described in the manual). Choose Ball Speed, Interval and / or Placement to make the robot even more unpredictable. Windows computer compatible for own exercises. Setup DVD and Operation Manual. The head of the robot: It plays up to 170 balls per minute with a ball speed of up to 120 km / h. It is adjustable on topspin, counter, cut, Sidecut and sidespin balls. Precise ball placement with 21 oscillator positions and 30 tempo settings The fall arrester system: The round net is very easy and quick to assemble (and disassemble). It picks up the balls and directs them to the robot's conveyor system. Continuous operation is thus guaranteed. - all spare parts available in the service center - low weight (about 8 kg) - assembly and disassembly within a few minutes
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Robo-pong Newgy 2055

Robo-pong Newgy 2055

КОД: 430272

2.023,41 лв.
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